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Linda Enns is a classically trained pianist from Ottawa, Canada. Her stuff has been described as "Franz Liszt meets King Missile". Previous albums, produced by Joe Reineke of Orbit Audio and recorded with Mike Jacobs, Shaun O'Neil, Thomas Unfried and Dave Campbell in Seattle, have received radio (it's a box with knobs on it) play in Canada and the US and include Club Sugar Spin, Fly Trap, Dirty Green Glass, Good Behaviour Days and For Everybody Else. She wishes band members would answer her texts.






Brad Connolley is definitely Brad Connolley. You look at him and say: "Yup, that is Brad Connolley, alright.' Brad refuses to write bios. But he is an amazing musician/comedian/performance artist that shares the stage with many different bands in NYC and beyond, and we are lucky to have him playing guitar with us.





In song and in dance Bill Keane expresses himself as a member of a higher community; he has forgotten how to walk and speak and is on the way toward flying into the air, dancing. His very gestures express enchantment. Just as the animals now talk, and the earth yields milk and honey, supernatural sounds emanate from him, too: he feels himself a god, he himself now walks about enchanted, in ecstasy, like the gods he saw walking in his dreams. He is no longer an artist, he has become a work of art: in these paroxysms of intoxication the artistic power of all nature reveals itself to the highest gratification of the primordial unity. The noblest clay, the most costly marble, man, is here kneaded and cut, and to the sound of the chisel strokes of the Dionysian world-artist rings out the cry of the Eleusinian mysteries: “Do you prostrate yourselves, millions? Do you sense your maker, world?”


John Goody is still learning to play the drums. He claims his influences are Carlock, Copeland and Stubblefield. He has played in rock bands, Motown bands, wedding bands and bands that created their own music. Rumor has it he jammed with Joan Jett at the tender age of 16 and while in college backed Tiny Tim at a yacht club social in the Hamptons. He plays DW and Gretsch drums.